Data Rights is a non-governmental organization with a mission to empower users, organisations and communities, to control their data.

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Data Silos

Because of network effects, lock-in and anti-competitive practices, a few monopolies have built up massive data silos. We help enforce rights to portability and break data silos. More info soon

Mass Surveillance

Mass surveillance undermines trust in tech and overall trust in society. We challenge laws that do not respect fundamental rights and freedoms. More info soon


Rights and freedoms mean nothing in the digital world without cybersecurity. We challenge bad cybersecurity policies and help foster tech that helps keep you secure. More info soon

About Us

We gather lawyers who defend and enforce fundamental rights in court, designers of tech that enables users to control their data, programmers and hackers who conceive protocols, standards, and security solutions, policy experts of the Internet and digital issues… activists and people who care about the impact of data, and want to fight for a vibrant Internet, free from unfair State or business surveillance.

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