We want an Internet free from never ending arm races and monopolies.

We refuse a digital world where surveillance is a business model. We won’t live in an environment where crucial actors of the society, as NGOs, companies and citizens, are left technically vulnerable or cannot exercise basic rights. Natural and legal persons cannot remain at the mercy of a few’s desire to access all information to gain power. Individuals, communities, businesses, NGOs and critical infrastructures have a legitimate access to cybersecurity and human rights safeguards.

We want to emancipate creativity and self-determination from the vanity of restless search of influence. Another Internet model is possible - a model where citizens understand data rights’ stakes and control how their data is processed.

We want to protect the ability to improve all’s condition, while fostering accountability, respect of others and the environment.

We envision a web of thriving resilient diversity. Let’s secure a web of colourful inclusive resilient communities.

Our Values