What are Data Rights?

Data rights give you control over your data. They are essential to keep tech accountable and restore trust. They contribute to a fair digital society.

Individuals’ Rights to Personal Data

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Data and Security

Whether you are an individual user, a business, or an organised community, your ability to control your data and your autonomy should not be traded in exchange for security, or left open to abusive surveillance or exploitation.

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How to enforce and advance Data Rights?

Users, communities and organisations, one by one, routinely sign away the rights to their data with unbalanced and sometimes opaque terms and conditions. Your rights require a collective response, and legally enforceable remedies.

Some countries have comprehensive data protection laws that grants individuals rights to their personal data. The European Union’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) grants individuals rights, regardless of nationality or residence, as long as the data controller or processor are within the GDPR’s extensive jurisdiction. Privacy laws in California also grants users certain rights.

However, these laws are not enough.

To become effective, your rights require enforcement and improvements. Data Rights was founded in 2020 to help make your rights a reality. To learn more, get our updates or contact us.

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